Our management ensures that you get what you want,
exactly how you want it!

No other design company will go so far to be devoted to their clients.
Only LogoDesignGuarantee goes the extra mile.
No other design company will go so far to be devoted to their clients. Only LogoDesignGuarantee goes the extra mile.

This page explains how!...

At LogoDesignGuarantee, we live by our tagline, "The Lowest Price, and Hand-Drawn Creativity™".

We employ the very best standards of management, right from employing only degreed in-house designers, to making them available to you 24/7.

Yes, you read that right... You can reach a professional designer via chat or phone, at whatever time you please!

Whilst many competitors save on costs of employing 24/7 support, we instead aim to build better relationships by being more accessible to you.

LogoDesignGuarantee can provide designs for any industry you need at the lowest prices and with excellent quality and customer care!

Upfront and Honest: Our Process Explained...

LogoDesignGuarantee employs a quality control process from the point of an original order until the delivery of your final logo... And even beyond!..

We go "beyond" by giving lifetime customer support via email, live help online, and phone 24/7.

We allocate multiple designers per logo project. As the saying goes, "two heads are better than one."

The same goes for creating various concepts that are significantly different so as to give you a broad range of options.

Many competitors indeed offer multiple designers, but they are often known for producing several of the same looking logos! They do this to make their packages look more valuable at the point of sale and then keep their internal costs of production lower.

This is a cheap way of doing business. We prefer to try and impress our clients in efforts to build long-term relationships and to fulfill more branding requests down the road.

6 custom-designed logos for only £50 £25!

We have the reputation of having the lowest prices around and we will deliver on this. If you find another company with lower pricing than us, we'll go even lower to beat it.

This is our Price Promise Guarantee and rest assured we stick to our word!

Be informed, no matter where you are!

One good example of how we strive to stand-out is the fact that we are the very first logo company to offer free SMS texts globally! Each and every time a logo sample is sent to you, you receive an SMS saying so!

Now you can go anywhere you have to go, and as long as you have your phone, you will get notified without fail.

This allows you to get your feedback to us faster, so that we can get your revisions done faster!

Many competitors take up to 4 weeks to complete a project, whereas we take only a few days. A key reason for this is that we have made our customer service more accessible and convenient.

365-Day Money Back Guarantee!

This is the best guarantee in the design sector, ever seen! And indeed one of the best among companies in any sector.

We have invested so much in "quality logo design process" that we have been able to achieve an impressive "98% satisfaction rate". Therefore, we have been able to offer such a strong guarantee.

We offer a risk-reversal guarantee in a very extended time period!...

We offer a risk-reversal guarantee by allowing you to even keep the ideas we have conceptualized for you (not the logo files). We take the risk and the fact is, you can only win.

Sounds like a clichè, right?...But here’s why it's unique....

You either walk away with a logo you love at a great value and quick production time, or you get all your money back with some creative ideas you can work with later.

This event happens less than 2% of the time, so we don't mind offering it to all our customers.

Some firms offer guarantees, but they are usually "unlimited revision" type guarantees. This form of guarantee without a money back guarantee indicates less strength and ability in customer satisfaction processes and professional management.

Read their guarantees, and we think you will agree that ours tops them all easily!

Want to know more details?...

Before we send you any design, an account manager checks the quality of the design and ensures that it meets your original request. If it doesn't pass the standards of the account manager, the design goes back to the designers, to revise and recreate.

The logo samples are only submitted to the customer once the samples are able to impress the account manager, and of course, ultimately, with intention to impress you.

This quality control process always takes place from the first design to all subsequent revisions (if any are required).

With managerial experience and sufficient investment, LogoDesignGuarantee is able to provide you a truly "unique service" in logo design.

Check out our portfolio to see the quality of our recently created logos.

Compare them to the competitions' and you will see how they stand out from the cheaply outsourced design firms often found online.

Excited? Then visit our packages and order online now!

Super Autumn Sale

Free Copyright Certificate worth £50

Free Lifetime Alteration to Your Logo worth £50

Free Website worth £199

Super Autumn Sale

Free Copyright Certificate worth £50

Free Lifetime Alteration to Your Logo worth £50

Free Website worth £199